Tryout Schedule for 2015-16

May 18th 

U14g from 4:00-5:45

U14b from 6:00-7:45


May 19th

U12g from 4:00-5:30

U12b from 5:45-7:15

GK from 7:15-8:15


May 26th

U11g from 4:00-5:30

U11b from 5:45-7:15


 Background and Process

Medfield Youth Soccer (MYS) holds tryouts for the Under 11 (U11) through Under 14 (U14) age groups in Spring for the next soccer year, beginning in the Fall.  There are no tryouts for the Under 9 (U9) and Under 10 (U10) age groups.  All age groups are for next year. The typical player (based on age eligibility) will be in the spring of their 4th grade (U10) year when they tryout for the first time for U11 (Fall 5th grade).  A player’s age is based on their age as of July 31st  If there are any questions as to what age group a player should be trying out for, please email the tryout director at " target="_blank"> 

As noted above, no one is required to attend tryouts.  Players who chose not to attend tryouts will automatically be placed on a "balanced" team.  However if you wish to be placed on a "select" team, a player must attend tryouts.  Players who wish to attend goalkeeper tryouts must also attend regular tryouts; a player cannot just try out for goalie.

If a player is ill or injured and cannot attend tryouts, a note needs to be forwarded to the tryout coordinator for the Medfield Soccer Board prior to the scheduled tryout  and the player's coach should be notified.  Any player not attending tryouts due to injury or illness will receive appropriate consideration for a select team when the full select team is rostered.

The tryouts are all evaluated by knowledgeable independent evaluators.  The first 50% of the players placed on a select team will automatically come from the tryout process.  Coaches for the age group have no veto over this process except if the coach previously reported the player to have an attitude (disruptive) issue.  The other 50% of the players on a select team are derived from the unanimous agreement of the age group coaches.

The objective of soccer tryouts is to simulate a game-like setting to evaluate players, which is accomplished by having groups of randomly assigned players participate in a series of small-sided games: 4v4, 6v6 or 8v8.

The use of skilled outside evaluators is utilized to create a fair and objective evaluation process using clearly defined and consistent evaluation criteria. In addition, coach evaluations submitted prior to rostering allow the coaches’ view of players they have coached during the season to be used to complement tryout rankings.

This game-like approach to tryouts also accomplishes the overall of Medfield Youth Soccer, which is to let kids play and have fun!

Players (U12 and U14) interested in trying out for goalie should identify themselves on tryout nights – they will be identified as goalie candidates, and will be rotated in to play goalie during the games. A separate goalie evaluation session will also be held.  Goalie candidates should try out with the understanding that U14 goalies placed on the select team will be expected to play in goal for the entire game.  U12 goalies placed on the select team will be expected to play in goal at least 50% of each game.